Project Description



Sawyer is part of the Atlantic Tech Transfer Team for Apiculture and has the unique opportunity to work with multiple industry groups including blueberry growers and beekeepers. 

Sawyer completed his BSc majoring in environmental sciences from Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture in 2016. Since that time he has started, and is currently working on his MSc exploring the pollinator communities around haskap orchards in southern NS and which pollinators are the most effective and efficient at pollinating haskap in NS. During his undergrad, Sawyer was involved with various research projects exploring the impacts of various pesticides on pollinators. During his undergrad and MSc, Sawyer has spoken at many local and national conferences, given workshops, and spoken at community events.  

Sawyer brings a unique aspect to the ATTTA team because he is a commercial beekeeper in his spare time. He also holds a seat on the Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association Board of Directors and is always willing to sit down and talk bees with whomever wants to.

Office: 902-896-0277