Sarah Lowe BSc (Agr.)

Seafood Project Assistant 

Sarah joined Perennia’s seafood team in January 2020 as the Seafood Project assistant. Sarah provides support to seafood team members for industry development projects, the Minister’s Seafood and Agriculture conferences and Perennia’s Seafood Accelerator Program.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Animal Science from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (now Dalhousie – Agricultural Campus). Sarah previously worked for North American Fur Auctions in Toronto. During this time, she worked with Nova Scotia fur ranchers to develop product marketing plans, provided mink live grading services and quality graded fur pelts from Canada, the United States and Europe for international auctions that included buyers from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Greece, Russia, and Europe. 

Sarah looks forward to working with the Nova Scotia Seafood industry and exploring new opportunities for market expansion and diversification.

Cell: 902-930-1022