Project Description


Quality and Food Safety Specialist

Shelly, the newest member of the Quality and Food Safety team, has experience in product development, and food safety and quality plan development.  This includes implementation, maintenance and reassessment.

With over 11 years of experience, Shelly has worked in a variety of industries including natural health products, meat/protein (both federal and provincial) which included ready to eat (RTE) and non-RTE products and the fish & seafood industry gaining valuable experience implementing HACCP programs for RTE products and fresh fish.

She is familiar with a range of processing equipment including Intelligent Portioning machines (IPM), meat injectors, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), granulators, encapsulation, alcohol extraction equipment, blister packaging, tablet presses, labels, and more.

She has worked with various programs, acts and regulations including Meat Inspection Act, Fish Inspection Act, Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act, Food Safety Enhancement Program, Quality Management Program, Natural Health Products Directorate, Health Canada, Safe Quality Foods (SQF), HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Shelly can assist clients with building quality systems, developing standard operating procedures, analyzing consumer complaints, pest control, sanitation programs, implementing quality assurance programs, allergen control programs, problem solving and employee training.

Cell: 902-210-8115