Soil Specialist

As Perennia’s Soil Specialist, Caitlin is a resource to producers on all soil-related questions. She also works with other specialists on soil-related projects.

Caitlin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture (university medal) from Dalhousie University and majored in Environmental Science (2017). Caitlin is completing her Master of Science at Dalhousie University in Earth and Environmental Science (2021). Her MSc research focused on the response of acidified forests to helicopter liming, emphasizing soil and plant tissue chemistry. Through her education, she gained experience in soil chemistry, soil microbiology and nutrient management. Caitlin also has experience in the field, conducting research in agriculture, wetland ecology and forestry.

Before working at Perennia, Caitlin performed research with Christmas trees, wetland restoration, forest site management, and river ecology throughout Nova Scotia, with soil science being her main focus on these projects. Caitlin is passionate about soil and aims to help improve soil health in agriculture.

Cell: 902-890-8629