Project Description


Wine Quality Specialist

In early 2018, Neslihan Ivit joined Perennia as our Wine Quality Specialist for a 2-year term.  Her position is a unique collaboration between Acadia University and Perennia where she works from both locations directly with the industry to maximize the quality of the wines produced in Nova Scotia.

She provides advice and information to wineries, including interpretation of lab analyses, to assist wineries in finding opportunities to improve their local wines.  Neslihan will also develop materials to help cultivate best practices in the industry.

Her position rounds out Perennia’s offering to the grape and wine sector as expertise is now available from the soil to the wine through this collaboration.

Neslihan holds an MSc of Viticulture and Enology from Montpellier SupAgro (France), Bordeaux Science Agro (France) and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain).  Her MSc thesis on sparkling wine production is a published scientific article.  Additionally she has a BSc in Food Engineering from Middle East Technical University (Turkey) with an associate degree of Business Management (Turkey) and food science education from University of Bologna (Italy). She has international winemaking experience, including Napa (California), Chile, Bordeaux (France), Spain and Turkey. She is proficient in 4 languages and she enjoys photography, travelling and blogging about food and wine.

Cell: 902-300-2652