Food & Beverage Product Development

Our Food Scientists work with companies throughout product development commercialization cycle to create new products or improve current products on the market. We work with a variety of companies that range from entrepreneurs to growing established businesses looking to enter the public markets or grocery retail chains.

Perennia’s Food Scientists have the experience and expertise to bring value to your food and beverage development projects. Our services and specialities include:

  • Formula Development
    • Bench-top development of samples
    • Reviewing existing formulations for food safety, commercialization and scale-up preparation
  • Ingredient sourcing and costing of formula
    • Use of ingredients—such as flavours, enzymes, sweeteners, etc.—to provide desired flavour and texture
  • Process Development
    • Developing processes that can be scaled up to meet current processing capabilities or capabilities of a co-packer
    • Reviewing existing processes to troubleshoot potential issues
    • Provide data for development of specification sheets
  • Nutrition Facts table development
  • Label reviews to Canadian standards
  • Food safety evaluation and ability to test important chemical parameters such as brix and pH
  • Stability studies, including microbiological evaluation
  • Shelf-life evaluation, including an in-house sensory team to evaluate quality over time

To learn more about the full product commercialization cycle, click here to download the PDF booklet version of Perennia’s commercialization cycle.

Check out our resources page for additional information that can help you through each stage of the cycle.

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