Product Development

Perennia food scientists and research associates work with established and new agrifood, beverage and seafood businesses to create new products, or improve current products or processes.

With our team and the facilities at the Perennia Innovation Centre, we can support product development and incubation, labelling and packaging to improve your bottom line and ensure your product is ready for market, shelf stable and consistent.

If you have a business plan and an identified market for our product and need assistance to develop a prototype, improve a current product, have by-product you feel may lead to a value-added opportunity, need analysis done to ensure the nutrient composition of your product, or want to try commercial grade equipment before making an investment to a larger-scale facility, we can help.

Start by completing our ‘Need a Solution’ form.

If you are not able to complete the form because your business or idea is not very advanced, we would encourage you to reach out to the  Business Development Specialists in the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture or our Seafood Development Specialist.

For general information, please contact:

(902) 896-8782

Need a solution?