Packaging is the hottest real estate a food business has! Packages reach every single consumer who buys your products, and even those that do not. Take the guesswork out of creating compliant and accurate labels. Perennia has the ability to:

  • Create Nutrition Facts tables (NFt)
  • Write ingredient listings to Canadian labelling requirements
  • Write allergen declarations
  • Review final product labels for Canadian regulations prior to print

Perennia’s Food Scientists create NFt’s using a combination of your product’s formulation, composition calculations, laboratory testing and Health Canada ingredient data. To have a food label created at Perennia by our Food Scientists, be prepared to provide the following:

  • Final recipe/formulation with list of ingredients and quantities in metric weights (grams or kilograms)
  • Specification sheets or images of labels for ingredients with sub-ingredients including nutritional information and allergen information. For example: Soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, sodium benzoate).
  • Processing steps, including information such as times and temperatures
  • Final sample of product(s) for potential analytical testing

Fill in the “need a solution form” to get in contact with one of our Food Scientists today. We would love to help you create these mandatory aspects of the food label and ensure they are in compliance with current food regulations.

Turnaround time and costing is determined on a case-by-case basis and will be outlined in the quote for work.

For further information on Food Label requirements in Canada, please refer to the CFIA’s Mandatory Labelling Tool, Health Canada’s Priority Allergens, and Perennia’s Labelling Video.