Nutritional Labelling

Since the inception of mandatory nutritional labelling in Canada in 2007, the data listed on the Nutrition Facts Table (NFt) has assisted consumers in making informed decisions about their food purchases. The NFt can be an effective marketing tool for manufacturers to differentiate their products from others in the marketplace. The list of ingredients and allergen declaration also contain essential information to convey to consumers. However, keeping up with all the changes to regulations on labelling can be a challenge. There are specific rules defining the format, rounding of data and terminology, as well as some groupings for ingredients that require special attention to detail. Our team at Perennia’s Food and Beverage Innovation Centre can assist you in ensuring up-to-date compliance for NFt’s, a list of ingredients and allergens. We can also make sure that your ingredient information is accurately bilingual. Watch our video on Mandatory labelling Requirements in Canada to learn more about all requirements, including the NFt. To learn about Canada’s major allergens requiring labelling, please visit the CFIA website below:

Perennia’s Food Scientists create NFt’s using a formulation and labelling software with a database of over 32,000 foods and ingredients. We can also input nutritional data from your suppliers of unique ingredients. From the culmination of data, we can create nutrition labels for products you currently produce, or can discuss your label requirements at any of the following stages of the product development cycle: ideation, developed prototype, pilot scale up or first commercialization. For further information on Food Label requirements in Canada, please visit the CFIA website below:

Take the guesswork out of creating a compliant, accurate Nutrition Facts Table, ingredient list and allergen declaration. Fill in the “need a solution form” to get in contact with one of our Food Scientists to help you create these important aspects of the food label and ensure they are in alignment with current food regulations. To have a food label created at Perennia by our Food Scientists, please see the below list of required information:

  • Final recipe/formulation with list of ingredients and quantities in metric weights (only grams or kilograms will be accepted)
  • Specification sheets or images of labels for ingredients with sub-ingredients including nutritional information and allergen information (ex. Lemon juice concentrate, pectin, gums, fish sauce)
  • Processing steps, including information such as times and temperatures
  • Potential final sample of product for analytical testing

**Cost will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In certain situations where unique ingredients or processes are used (that are not in our database), products may need to be sent for proximate analysis to complete NFt’s, which will increase the cost. If any additional time is required for calculations, to retrieve information required to prepare the NFt, or any other circumstances this will be added to the cost.**