Rental Facilities

Pilot Plant

The pilot plant is available for processing food and beverages and non-food agri-bio products. An assortment of pilot-scale processing equipment is available for many food processes, including blending, cooking, drying, heat treatment, packaging, freezing and cooling.  Some equipment is installed permanently but most equipment is portable and can be moved into location and connected quickly to overhead utilities as needed. Perennia Innovation Centre’s food scientists and technical staff are experienced in the food processing and bio-product development sector and Good Manufacturing Practices, and are available to help clients through scale-up of their trial production runs. The pilot plant offers a sanitation program to ensure for safe food production.

The pilot plant is provincially licensed so products made in the facility can be sold within Nova Scotia. It has also be upgraded to meet CFIA requirements for export; while this option has a more rigorous food safety protocol, it is a service we can provide and we are seeking companies looking to use a pilot facility to develop product for export willing to work with us on a test run for that the process.

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Start Up Space

The Innovation Centre offers approximately 13,000 sq. ft. of flexible space which can be custom designed to meet the needs of a client’s operation.

The Centre provides great flexibility in lease terms and the ability to expand space as companies grow. Tenants and businesses may also access services from the in-house pilot plant and product development labs (both are provincially inspected food facilities) and analytical and instrumentation labs, on a fee-for-service basis.

Perennia Innovation Centre has the following 3 leasing opportunities available:

Suite 129 and 129A – We have 2 suites available each measuring approximately 700 sq. ft. containing HVAC, washable wall cladding (one suite only), lots of natural light, easy access to a loading dock, mail delivery, photocopier, scanner, fax, free parking and access to a professional Boardroom to meet with your clients. These 2 individual suites could be configured to 1 suite giving you approximately 1400 sq. ft. of ample working space.

Suite 120A – One unique suite with approximately 542 sq. ft. of available space, including a stainless steel double sink, negative air pressure entrance, hot water tank, HVAC, washable wall cladding, abundance of natural light, access to a loading dock, mail delivery, photocopier, scanner, fax, free parking as well as a professional Boardroom to meet with your clients.

If you are interested in any of these available spaces please complete the Tenant Inquiry Form and return it by fax (902) 896-8781 or e-mail

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For more information, please contact:
(902) 896-8782

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