Technical Services

Product & Process Solutions

Perennia food scientists and specialists can work with clients to develop product formulations for their product concept, set specifications for product attributes, determine and optimize the product shelf life, and develop a process for the manufacture of the product at whatever quantity for your market.  We can also access equipment and your processing lines on site or replicated at our facility.

Customized Support & Scale up

Whether you own a new or established business, sometimes you need some outside support, maybe during a growth period, or a sudden change in your team.  Our specialists can provide support to address these challenges or advise you on a longer-term strategy on- or off-site. We can provide advice on challenging issues requiring an outside perspective or expertise, particularly those related to scaling up your business to take advantage of new or emerging market opportunities. Sometimes you don’t have the personnel, equipment or experience to accelerate your technical requirements and we have the resources to help. Services can be provided with resources we have on-site at the Innovation Centre or at your business site.  Support can be provided on a retainer or ad hoc basis, in person, by phone or Skype, email and text.

Pilot Scale Processing

The pilot plant is available for processing food and beverages and non-food agri-bio products. An assortment of pilot-scale processing equipment is available for many food processes, including blending, cooking, drying, heat treatment, packaging, freezing and cooling. Some equipment is installed permanently but most equipment is portable and can be moved into location and connected quickly to overhead utilities as needed. Perennia Innovation Centre’s food scientists and technical staff are experienced in the food processing and bio-product development sector and Good Manufacturing Practices, and are available to help clients through scale-up of their trial production runs. The pilot plant offers a sanitation program to ensure for safe food production.

The pilot plant is provincially licensed so products made in the facility can be sold within Nova Scotia, and has been ungraded to CFIA standards to support export processing.

For more information, please contact:
(902) 896-8782

Wine and Winemaking Services

For wineries looking for new opportunities to improve their wines or those in need of production support or troubleshooting, Perennia is pleased to offer various technical services for the wine industry. Winemaking & Innovation Specialist Neslihan Ivit works directly with the wine industry to maximize the quality of the wines produced in Nova Scotia. Her services include interpretation of lab results, a review of wineries production and enological practices, support on sparkling winemaking techniques for new or existing products, addressing technical obstacles in wine production and assistance during the blending process of winemaking. These services and additional resources are provided through on-site visits and assessments and virtual consultations by phone and email.

For additional information on Perennia’s wine and winemaking services, visit the winemaking services page, or contact Neslihan at or (902) 300-2652.

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