Product Registration Changes Impacting Horticulture: Q&A with Perennia Specialists


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Changes are coming. Several pesticide products will be cancelled, or labels will be updated to include amendments to use patterns. The product changes come after the re-evaluation decisions by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) – the regulatory body that assesses the acceptability of risks according to current standards.

Join us to learn updates from our seven Perennia specialists who are here to support you in the horticulture sector. This webinar will be interactive – something that we miss by seeing you all in person! That’s why we are dedicating an entire question-and-answer period to you. In this conversational style webinar, we’ll answer frequently asked questions and live questions that you submit.

The focal crops during the session are apples, wild blueberries, cranberries, vegetables, viticulture, berries, and cannabis.

Speaker Information

It’s like a tailgate meeting with our horticulture team! Featuring Caitlin Congdon, Francisco Diez, Sajid Rehman, Hugh Lyu, Sonny Murray, Talia Plaskett, and Michelle Cortens. Questions are moderated by Jennifer Haverstock.

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