ProductSAFE Program

This program provides support to emerging, small and medium agriculture producers and commercial food and beverage processors to improve the food safety of processed goods and ensure regulatory compliance with existing provincial and federal laws.

There is no application deadline for this program and inquiries are serviced as they come in and as appropriate client information is provided. Failure to provide timely information to our inquiries for information while your file is being worked on can result in your file being moved down the queue.

Who is eligible?

  • Nova Scotia-based agriculture producers or agri-food and beverage processors with a product already on the market, with a buyer seeking to purchase your product or entering the public market venue
  • A product that, as a minimum, contains at least 20 percent Nova Scotia=based agricultural products as ingredients

What are eligible activities?

  • Formulation and process reviews to ensure food safety; regulatory compliance with standards and restricted ingredients (for example, preserves)
  • Analysis of products for quality and shelf life
  • Risk assessments on foods to determine if there is a food safety risk to the public. May include process validation by scientific literature review and/or microbial or chemical analysis
  • Validation of process critical control points, and other control points in the process
  • Evaluation of sanitation program design and implementation protocols, equipment and facility design and construction evaluation
  • Post recall assessment and recovery, and corrective action plan development assistance
  • Food safety assessments to identify and correct issues with processing and/or labelling to safeguard the reputation of Nova Scotia companies and the public consuming the food product
  • Nutrition Facts Table development to assist in selling in larger markets
  • Regulatory navigation for the registration of such things as novel food products, etc.
  • Analysis for required grades or standards for export outside of Nova Scotia

What funding is available?

Funding is available to provide expert advice and for specific analytical activities at various levels based on the amount of Nova Scotia-based ingredients in the products.

Is there an equity requirement?

Each case is assessed separately once the assessment of Nova Scotia agricultural ingredients in the product is completed.  Companies must pay their agreed upon portion upfront before receiving the final report/assessment/label, etc.

For more information:

Call (902) 678-7722 and ask for Rick or e-mail