Perennia specialists can be a guide and work with your company’s food safety team/person to develop your fully customized food safety program. Such a program can then be clearly presented so that staff and management can readily implement with success and confidence that it follows appropriate regulatory requirements, reflects what is being done, is user friendly and ready to protect your business’ reputation. Our team can also train your staff on the foundations of solid food safety practices. The whole food production team is top of mind and involved when developing policies, procedures and records to support the effective operation of the company’s food safety program.

If you are unsure of how to write a food safety program or unsure which program would best fit your operation, contact us. We can help you determine what program best fits your needs and can coach your team to develop and implement your food safety program. We can also support and coach your team as part of our audit preparation process.

Here are some of the food safety programs we can help you with: Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, BRC now called BRCGS, IFS, SQF, QMP, Canada Gap, On-Farm Food Safety programs, Good Manufacturing Practices, etc.

For more information, please contact:

Elaine Grant, Quality and Food Safety Specialist
Office: (902) 896-0277 EXT 230
Cell: (902) 956-3376