Safe Food for Canadians


The goal of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) is to provide one set of regulations for all food business in Canada and to make Canada’s food supply safer by focusing on prevention and traceability. The SFCR came into force on January 15th, 2019.  They are outcome based and what you need to follow depends on your business size, your product and what you do with it.

To help you be in compliance with the SFCR the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has developed multiple resources which are available on their website, from webinars & videos to interactive tools as well as a tool kit for businesses to help you get started with your preventive control plan and with following importing and exporting requirements     

If you are unfamiliar with the new regulations or just want to know more, you can get a good summary of what SFCR involves by watching CFIA’s Overview Webinar. This 30 minute overview provides key information on elements of the regulations, My CFIA as well as timelines for SFCR coming into force. This pre-recorded webinar is available in both English and French.

You can also visit the CFIA’s website and use their easy interactive tools to find out if you need a license , a Preventive Control Plan and or require traceability. If you do need a license you will need to register at My CFIA. Roll out of the regulations is scheduled in sector specific timelines. Visit this link to find out when the regulations will be coming into force for your operation and to read information on the ongoing activities CFIA has to help prepare businesses for the implementation of the regulations. CFIA will be working with businesses to inform them of the resources and tools available to help them understand the new requirements, in the effort to do this inspectors will be following graduated enforcement . 

CFIA has also created sector specific guidance for Dairy ProductsEggs & processed egg products, Meat, FishHoney, Maple, Ice wine and Fruit & Vegetables including guidance for Grower’s and Harvesters as well as Processors of Fruit and Vegetables. For more information regarding the SFCR, check out CFIA’s web page 

If you are still unsure and need help or advice contact one of our Quality and Food Safety Specialists for assistance. We can complete gap assessments, help you with your preventive control plan and offer guidance when it comes to closing Corrective Action Requests. We are here to help. Keep an eye on our resource section of our website for more information, tips and tools as they are developed.