Our regulatory food safety specialists work with companies to provide guidance on how to ensure regulatory compliance on food safety challenges and opportunities. We work with a variety of companies in the agri-food, beverage and seafood industries that range from new businesses entering public markets to growing established businesses.

Regardless if the company is just starting out or has been in business for many years, our team can help ensure regulatory compliance for various activities, such as:

Product and Process Reviews:

  • Risk assessments on high-risk foods, including Listeria
  • Validation of food processing methods, for example critical control points.
  • Food safety reviews on products intended for public or retail sales for local or export markets.
  • Provincial and Federal regulatory licensing requirements

Environmental Monitoring Programs:

  • Evaluation of sanitation program design
  • Developing and implementing Listeria monocytogenes monitoring programs (as well as other pathogens)
  • Allergen program design and implementation


  • Recall assessment and recovery
  • Corrective action plan (CAP) development as required.
  • Provincial non-compliance report support for food processing facilities.

Building new or renovating processing facilities:

  • New or renovated food processing facility floor plan review to meet provincial or federal compliance.

Novel or Natural Health Products:

  • Product/ingredient identification and application assistance
  • Novel product or process consultations
  • Natural health products consultations

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