Michael Lightfoot

Co-Founder of D&M Lightfoot Farms and Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards

From Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Mike is a 7th generation Annapolis Valley farmer who has been farming supply-managed poultry for 30 years. In 2009, Mike and his wife, Jocelyn, had the vision to diversify the multi-generational family farm and began planting grapevines for wine production. Inspired to contribute to the blossoming food and wine culture of the Annapolis Valley through the creation of a world-class agritourism destination and an unwavering dedication to quality throughout the wine’s journey from the beginning. Today, they own and operate Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards, managing 40 acres of organic and biodynamic vineyard, overseeing an annual wine production of 12,000 cases (and growing), a hospitality operation that includes a full-service event venue, winery restaurant and tasting room, and enjoying success exporting wine products around the world. The biodynamic philosophy guiding Lightfoot & Wolfville looks at the farm as a whole, living organism; a closed organization made up of several interdependent elements – fields, forests, plants, livestock, wildlife – all connected to each other in a way that improves the health and sustainability of the whole. Throughout the winery hospitality operation, Mike has led the charge behind the farm-to-table culinary philosophy, producing inputs for the winery restaurant on-farm. His commitment to the genetic conservation of rare, heritage breeds includes Scottish Highland Cattle, Olde English Southdown Sheep and Mangalitsa pigs, providing quality, naturally-raised meat for the winery’s culinary program. A current member of the Nova Scotia Wine Development Board, the Hatching Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia Board, the Wine Growers of Nova Scotia Board of Directors, and the Perennia Board of Directors, Mike is passionate about the growth and sustainability of the local wine industry and preserving local agricultural land. In his personal life, Mike is an avid traveller, hunter and father to four daughters.