Winter greens production can offer a new marketing opportunity for Nova Scotia growers at a time of year when cash flow may be low and price points for fresh local produce are high. Some systems require only modest capital investment and have low operating costs because they avoid the use of supplemental heat and lighting. Because local winter greens can be harvested within a day or two of purchase by the consumer, locally-produced greens have a freshness and quality advantage over imported greens that are one to two weeks post-harvest by the time they reach the consumer. This workshop will examine infrastructure requirements, capital costs, operating costs, income potential, crop and variety selection, and horticultural considerations such as planting dates, fertility, and pest management.

As part of Perennia’s ongoing Getting Into the Weeds series, please join Perennia Vegetable Specialist Rosalie Gillis-Madden and David Blanchard of Pleasant Hill Farm for an in-depth examination of winter greens production in Nova Scotia.

This event was made possible in partnership with NSDA.