Small Technical Solutions for Impact

Here is a brief snapshot of three projects that Perennia has tackled under our National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program.  The Perennia team helps identify and mitigate technical risk factors related to product and process development that can impact the overall product quality and safety, and addresses product reformulations and process issues such as establishing process controls, adapting new process technologies and developing new processes.

Project 1
A client was looking for the best method of drying a leafy product for the effective extraction of essential oils. Perennia tested two drying processes and two extraction processes, increasing the knowledge of the client with options as to how to increase revenue.

Project 2
A client requested a shelf life study on a cosmetic cream with added natural antioxidants. Perennia  quantified the amount of natural antioxidant and performed microbiology and antioxidant tests over a three-month period,  increasing the client’s knowledge of the product for promotional material and enabled them to share the known shelf life of the cosmetics cream with buyers.

Product 3
A client was looking for product and process development assistance for a juice made from whole berries. Perennia reviewed and verified the product and process controls for juice preparation through microbial testing. The project increased the client’s knowledge of process and product controls for their proprietary method of juice production, and reduced any food safety-related risks when producing the juice.