Wine Initiatives

Perennia is pleased to be undertaking and offering a number of initiatives to support the growth of the province’s wine and grape sector. A key partner is the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture as part of its Vineyard Expansion and Development Program, along with other collaborative and funding partners noted below.  Grape and Wine Initiatives Brochure.

Vineyard Development and Expansion Program – Site Assessments

As part of Nova Scotia’s Vineyard Development and Expansion Program, Perennia offers full and partial site assessments to current and future vineyard owners.  These assessments are conducted at no cost to successful applicants under the provincial program. These services are offered to mitigate risk – and assessing the soil, drainage and climate so clients have the best data possible to make a decision about a hefty investment and rate of return.

For more information, please contact:
(902) 896-0277

Mobile Bottling (Still Wines)

Perennia is pleased to offer mobile bottling services for still wines to offer a local, convenience, professional service to our growing industry. For an overview of the specifications and Perennia and winery/vineyard roles and responsibilities, please visit our mobile bottling line service page or contact:

Erin Boutilier
(902) 890-5899

Viticulturist and Terroir Initiative

Perennia’s viticulturist, Francisco Diez, works directly with wineries to help them with their development goals, as the linkages between the vineyards and the wineries is really key to the overall industry’s success.  A key initiative is an assessment of the terroir of the province’s wine regions to determine the best management practices, preferred varieties, etc.  Please visit our viticulture and grape growing page , or contact:

Francisco Diez, Viticulturist
(902) 300-3905

Wine Quality Initiative

Through a unique partnership with Acadia’s alab, Perennia hired, Neslihan Ivit, a wine quality specialist. Nesli’s role is working directly with industry to maximize the quality of the wine produced in Nova Scotia – through advice and information sharing, as well as helping them interpret lab results and analysis and outlining any options to address wine quality issues.

For more information, please contact:

Neslihan Ivit, Wine Quality Specialist
(902) 300-2652

Plant Health Lab

The Perennia Plant Health Lab is a plant diagnostic laboratory specializing in virus detection in grapes by RT-PCR (RNA viruses) and PCR (DNA viruses). While the lab isn’t yet accepting samples, learn more about the lab on our Plant Health Lab page.

Enological Winery Review Service Sheet
Wine & Grape Conference Materials